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SOLAS: acronym for Serendipity On Line Antique Sales. Serendipity: the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. 
That kind of sums up the  business. 
I rarely start out knowing what  to look for but when found ,  it is what I wanted .  The kind of things that appeal to me and feel that others would also enjoy
 thus offering a wide variety of fun affordable  antiques, collectible & vintage items . 
 Plus featuring my  handcrafted beaded jewelry from antique or estate beads from a life time of collecting.  

Check out our  wonderful wide variety of antiques, collectible & estate treasures.

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Home page
 (below) showcases a select  variety of the favorites from
 Serendipity On Line Antique Sales   

Art Gallery (page 2) features a section 
of  original paintings, photography and prints
from renowned artist and some not so well known. 
Jewelry ( page 4)  samples of  my best pieces
 available here and in my web stores  
 Plus several my own handcrafted 
one of a kind pieces

More Art & Antiques (page 3) 
  just more great antique pieces  

 pottery, glass, sculpture   folk art and old books 

Fun Vintage  ( page 5)
Estate Finds
 Old Toys,  Home Decor.
 Vintage Fashion Clothing, 
   Select Ethnic Treasures 

   Ethnic & Native American 




 Furniture, Furnishing,  Lighting, Rugs






Chinese Immortal Root Wood Carved Table Lamp

Fine Porcelain, 

Please visit the other pages to enjoy even more art, antiques, collectibles, jewelry and estate, finds.
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