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  Ben Ely

     Large Impressionist Oil Painting by Ely "THE POOL"

Large Framed Behind glass Oil Painting on Paper by Ben Ely entitled "The Pool". I would say that this is an impressionist style. Although I am not an art critic by any means. It could be expressionism. If you study the painting you will see a woman and I think I see a child as well. The painting is 23" x 18".


Daniel Lafontant

 WQU45986088Description: Signed Daniel Lafontant Large Modernist Abstract Gouache on Canvas.
 An abstract painting by a Haitian Artist  :   Daniel Lafontant    I have found references to his work that he has had on display many prestigious Galleries

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Cambodian Artist Leang Seckon Mixed Media Collage Painting


Collage Mixed Theme Art Picture Hieselman



 Description: Very interesting original collage art picture signed by Hieselman. It is created with torn and clipped magazine pages and papers. I am not sure what else is used but it all comes together to create a mixed theme of modern city vs. ancient architectural buildings. In the foreground are treas that I assume are date palms. The scene is captivating with depth that draws you in further to see what is going on. I have had it for many years. It is sealed in back and I have never had it out of the frame.




More Original Fine Art Paintings
Landscapes  Boats, Beaches Windmills     Streets & Structures  Flowers& Still Life   Abstracts & others   Photography

 Grand Tetons in Autumn Signed Acrylic Painting Ryan Perry

Large Original Watercolor Painting Beach Scene
Caribbean Side Walk Scene Oil Painting  

 Water Color Painting, Snowy Winter Scene of House with Storm Looming Signed S. Peplow 

Water Color Painting " Flagship" of Beached Boat , Linda Hale  
 Diptych Paintings Latin American Oil on Canvas

Ann T Banning Original

 Large Row Boat Ashore Watercolor Painting. Signed
Lively Mexican or Latin American Street Scene Oil Painting on Canvas Signed by Andersen 

Ann T Banning Original Landscape Oil Painting

  ORIGINAL Lighthouse Oil Painting, signed, MB Miller framed 23"x28"
New Mexico Adobe Church , Oil Painting Signed M. Ericson 1958

 Landscape Painting by Clyde R
Anderson 1959 

Original Oil Painting Steel Headers at Thomas Eddy by Mary Ellen Clark
 Vintage Dutch Painting Oil on board signed CHJ

Rich Pastel Landscape Painting Cottage, River, Mountains Signed 

Original Sundown Oil Painting, Puget Sound, Pacific North West   
Original  Ozark Barn Painting signed by Greer 

Paul Lauritz Fine Art Landscape Painting in Gilt Wood Frame

Seashore Misty Dawn Oil on Canvas Painting
 Latin American Old Convent or Church Oil  

Bitter Root Mountain Range Watercolor Painting, 
Signed Barkely

Fishing Boat West Beach Marina Painting NW ART
Cabin in Medford Oregon Oil Painting. Helene Hase Svensen 1968

  Sunset at Lake
Oil  -V. Bjork

Dutch Windmill Oil Painting of Zaanse Schans, Netherlands   
Old Abandoned Barn Scene Oil Painting on Canvas
Click here to enlarge image and see more about item 9530: Ocean Cliff Watercolor Painting , Signed Lauf 
  Vintage Dutch Windmill Oil Painting  
Shanty Town / Original Watercolor signed by H. Dreiblatt,